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We make it easy to scale your team - on demand. Using our proven process, typical time from first convo to the ideal new hire is days, rather than months.

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TopSyntax provides an all-in-one remote talent solution. The platform helps your company easily hire, retain and motivate remote talent and build products that your users love.

U.S. Contracts and Billing

Our agreements are based on U.S. business laws and are upheld in U.S. courts. This means you, your project, and your data are always protected. Our invoices are sent out twice per month from our U.S. office, and include daily task progress reports from your team.

English Communication

We keep it simple, and all in English. All of our employees go through a rigorous interview process, including communication interviews, to assess their vocal and written English abilities. If they don’t pass, we don’t hire them.

U.S. Hours

Your team works when you’re working, allowing for instant communication through text chat, voice calls, or video calls. Work directly with your remote professional, just as you would with an in-house employee.

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The Alternative Outsouring that actually works

TopSyntax was created to provide affordable staffing that safeguards clients from outsourcing's inherent flaws and greatly limits clients’ exposure to the common drawbacks that plague this otherwise wonderful resource. Our pledge is to provide clients with the perfect resource and a great experience.