Vision Statement

“ Help companies to build a dream team. ”

Our Company

TopSyntax was created to offer an alternative to traditional outsourcing, where the customer has little communication with their freelance team, little say in task flow, and even less accountability. Our founder had first-hand experience with the frustration of these downsides, and sought to build a staffing company that combined the benefits of outsourcing with the stability of in-house.

Our stateside headquarters in Fremont, California houses our operational and client support team. Our Technical Success Managers oversee and mentor staff who work directly with their clients.

We provide cost-effective, flexible staffing for businesses of any size. Our staff has multiple specialized managers, and constant communication allows clients to fully manage their own projects. We strive to become an integrated part of your team, not just service providers.

Our Team

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The Alternative Outsouring that actually works

TopSyntax was created to provide affordable staffing that safeguards clients from outsourcing's inherent flaws and greatly limits clients’ exposure to the common drawbacks that plague this otherwise wonderful resource. Our pledge is to provide clients with the perfect resource and a great experience.